Video Subcategories

Subcategories allow you to further group your content into a subsection of a parent category of your choice, or as a subgroup under all categories. 

Please note: Subcategories are currently only available on the Endeavor theme. Please email to enable subcategories in your site.

To add a new Subcategory:

1.     In your dashboard, go to the ‘Theme Editor’, then the ‘Themes’ options and select the Endeavor theme.

2.     In your dashboard, click ‘Manage Videos’, then ‘Categories’ to see the ‘Add a New Subcategory’ button. If you do not see this option, please email

3.     Click ‘Add a New Subcategory’

4.     Select if you would like the Subcategory to be exclusive under one parent Category OR a Subcategory of all Categories.

5.     Complete the Subcategory form with the title, url, image, description and secondary content block about the Subcategory.

6.     Click ‘Save’.

        You will now have the option to add videos to a Subcategory in either the ‘Edit Video’ page or in the ‘Manage Videos’ by taking an action to move the videos into a Category and then into the available Subcategory.

Organize & order your Subcategory videos:

Once your videos have been placed in a Subcategory, you can arrange the displayed order of the first 10 videos in each Subcategory. 

To organize Subcategory videos:

1.     In your dashboard, click ‘Videos’ and then ‘Playlists’.

2.     Select the Category you wish to organize and click the arrow to display the available subcategories. Then the videos will appear in the right column.

3.     Simply drag and drop the videos in order using the ‘Drag’ feature to the left of each video thumbnail. Each ‘Drag’ will be saved automatically and you will see a confirmation message at the top of the page.