Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions are a set of rules of use you set for your viewers to engage with your video content. Typically T&C’s are not required by law, but are good to have in place depending on the type of content you are selling. 

Vidcaster's Terms and Conditions feature associates terms with individual paywall subscriptions for your video content. When creating a new video subscription term, you can set terms and conditions for the viewers that they have to physically accept prior to purchasing a subscription. 

Setup Terms & Conditions

1. On your Paywall page after you've setup Stripe, click 'Add New Terms' to create a new subscription. 

2. Set the price and term, then check the box to "Add terms and conditions HTML". This will open up an HTML editor to place a term title, terms, and checkbox text for new subscribers to review and accept. The field is completely editable with HTML and enables you to change the title / header of the box, insert terms with HTML stylization, and the position and text associated with the checkbox. For the initial phase, you cannot edit T&C's once created with a subscription. That will come in a future release. 

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3. Click 'Save' once you have finalized your terms. This creates a new subscription to sell to viewers with the below user experience. Again, please note that you cannot edit your terms and conditions once you have saved the subscription. You will need to create a new subscription to update any T&C's. 

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Viewer Experience

1) A viewer is presented with the Paywall form and the option to either create a new account or login to their current subscription. As they are a new subscriber, they will click 'Create a New Account' and enter an email address and create a password. 

2) After a subscriber creates an account with username and password, they are prompted by the subscription options. This view may display only one term or present a dropdown list of options to purchase. If a subscription does not have associated T&C, the green button will list as 'Subscribe. If a subscription has T&C, the green button will say 'View Terms'. The example below displays one subscription terms that has T&C's.

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3) When a subscription has terms, they click the green 'View Terms' button and are prompted to review all terms and then check the box that they accept the terms, which presents the option for them to subscribe with payment. Until they check the box, they only have the option to cancel the subscription process, which will bring them back to the subscription options view. 

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4) The viewer subscribes with payment and begins to access content.

Audit / Legal Requirements

We have worked with several customers to create our T&C process with clear experience to the viewers and helps to meet legal requirements of having the subscriber take the physical action to accept the T&C's. 

When you attach Terms and Conditions to a subscription, any subscriber has opted-in to those terms. (Otherwise, they wouldn't be able to subscribe) You can use the subscriber CSV for the list of subscribers for any audit / paper trail needs.