Test Keys

Quick refresher: When you sign up for a Stripe account, you are provided with two sets of keys, live and test. Your live keys actually process payments and your test keys enable you to do just what you think - test! 

What are Test Keys?

Test Stripe Keys enable you to test the payment processes within Vidcaster prior to your launch. You can tell the difference between your live and test keys by looking at the key for 'live' and 'test', example sk_test_00000000 is your Test Secret Key. 

Where do I get Test Keys?

Your test keys are located right above your live keys in your Stripe Account. 

1) In Stripe, click on your Account Settings (located in the dropdown list found by hovering over your user name in the upper right corner)

2) Click the API Keys Tab 

3) You will need both your Test Secret Key and Publishable Secret Key

How do I use my Test Keys?

We recommend that you use your test keys on your Vidcaster test or dev site, which is typically a secondary site license available with your Pro or Enterprise level plan. 

1. Follow the same steps to connect your Stripe account Test Keys to Vidcaster as you would with your live keys. (Checkout the instructions here) 

2. Create test subscriptions and add videos those subscriptions. 

3. Turn your Stripe Account to 'Test' mode. 

4. In an incogneto window, access the Paywall form and being testing the experience. It's likely your customer success manager will run you through this process. During testing you can: 

  • - Create subscriber accounts with an alternate email address 
  • - Purchase a subscription with test keys (see more details below)
  • - View a Subscriber Account page to understand how your viewers manage their subscriptions 
  • - View your newly created Contact Profile for that subscriber 
  • - Understand Vidcaster Analytic reporting 
  • - See how payments are reflected in Stripe, including how you can process refunds or cancel a subscription

Purchase a Subscription with Test Keys

Purchasing a subscription with test keys enables you to best understand a subscribers work flow and ensure you are ready to launch with your live keys on your Vidcaster production site. 

1) Activate your Stripe Test Keys using the instructions above in your dev or testing account. 

2) In an incogneto window, find and go to a playback page for a video that is gated under the Paywall form 

3) Create a subscriber account - best to use an alternative email from your email associated with your admin account 

4) Select a subscription you want to purchase 

5) Enter in one of the test credit card number options from Stripe. (Click here to access the numbers.)

***We typically use the Visa number: 4242 4242 4242 4242

  • - Expiration Date: Any date set in the future
  • - CSC: 000 or any three digit number of your choosing

6) Subscribe to the subscription and then review the recommended items in the list above