Text and Links

Add text with clickable links to your videos to increase engagement and close the gap between the video view and the sale. Watch this video to learn how to add text annotations with links in our Annotations Editor, or read the steps below.

How to add text annotations with links in your videos

  1. Go to the Edit Video page for the video you want to add annotations to. On the Edit Video page, click the Annotations button in the top right corner.
  2. Press the play button or skip ahead to where you want to add the text annotation.
  3. When you have the video paused at the spot you want, type your text into the text box in the control bar of the editor player.
    Text BoxTo edit your text, simply click back in the text box and make your changes.
  4. While the editor is in Edit mode, you can adjust your annotation. Click the text annotation you created and drag it to where you want it placed in the video.
  5. Expand the Edit menu to see your basic options
    Text Menu
    • The top option, ← 00:00.0 → let's you change the time the annotation appears by clicking on the right and left arrows.
    • Start Time allows you to put in an exact start time.
    • The third option, 3s, is how long your annotation will appear on screen. Click this option to change the time.
    • Pause: N means that the annotation will not pause the video. If you would like the annotation to pause the video until the viewer clicks something, click this option to change it to Pause: Y.
    • Preview will play the video from right before the annotation starts to show you what your viewer will see.
    • Done closes the Edit menu and saves your changes.
    • More... expands the menu to see transition and style options and how to add a link, called an On Click event. Learn more about this in steps 7 and 8.
    • Delete will delete your annotation.
  6. Click on More to expand the menu and choose your transition, style and add a link.
    More MenuTransitionsStyles

  7. Select On Click to add a link or link the annotation to a time in the video. This will create a launch icon next to your text that lets people know the text is clickable. All links will open in a new page.
    On Click
  8. Once you are done setting up your annotations, click Done and close out the Editor. Now you can watch your dashboard to see how many people are clicking on your links.
    Annotation Data