Upload Foreign Language Videos

When localization is enabled in your account, you have two ways to add video content in foreign languages, with or without an associated english video version. 

Option One: Upload foreign language video associated with an english video

If you have created different language versions of the same video, follow these instructions to easily manage metadata, organization, and engagement. 

1) Upload the English version video by clicking the red 'Add a New Video' button. Follow the normal upload process and then edit the metadata for the video. 

2) On the Edit Video Page, click on the localization button in the upper right corner.

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3) Then select the language of the video you want to upload next. 

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4) Then, upload that foreign language video version using the Vidcaster uploader. 

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5) Once the video is uploaded, you can edit the metadata for that version of video. This is the metadata that will display with the foreign language video when the language is selected via the Vidcaster dropdown or the language of the viewer is identified by the browsers cookie. 

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After the initial upload, you can go back to edit the foreign language video metadata or delete the video by clicking back on the Language button to access a list of uploaded video languages. 

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Option Two: Upload Foreign Language Video without an English Version

If you have videos in a foreign language that does not have an associated English version, follow these steps. Using this upload method will enable your viewers to view and access the content when they have selected the proper language dropdown or their browser cookie identifies that language. 

1) Upload a view via the 'Add a New Video' button and Vidcaster uploader. 

2) On the Edit Video page, insert and save the foreign language metadata. 

3) Then follow the same steps as listed above to select the foreign language uploader and reupload the video and foreign language metatdata.