User Analytics

There are many ways to access data on your Users. To see an inventory of all Users and their access, go to Settings --> Users --> click Manage and select "Download CSV". This will export a CSV will these User details: Email, Name, Creation Date, Access End, Categories, Last Login.

Manage Button

To analyze User actions, visit the Analytics tab. In the Overview section, you will see a table called "Your Biggest Fans" with a list of the top ten Users based on the number of video plays for the time period. Each User can be expanded to see the top 10 videos they watched and how many times they played each.

Your Biggest Fans

To see a full list of Users and their plays, go to the Report Builder and select the Viewer Plays report type. Paginate through all or your data or export a CSV showing daily play counts. Use the video search bar in the top right of the Report Builder to see User lists by specific videos.