Track Email Embed Video Engagement

Whether you are nurturing leads or reminding trainees - it's important to engage your viewers with video via email. Follow the steps below to create a trackable email embed and learn how to monitor the engagement. 

While we call it an email embed, the video is not playable from the email. It creates 

1) Create an Email Embed in Vidcaster

1) Select the video you wish to place in an email and go to the Embed Builder for that video either through the Manage Videos page or Edit Video page. 

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2) In the Embed Builder, switch the Embed Location to 'Email'.

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3) Update desired settings for the embed for the thumbnail size and embed appearance of having the video title and summary information display.

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4) Set Email Tracking: You have three options for tracking the embeds you place in emails using our 20+ out of the box email connectors.

1. No Tracking: Not turning on email tracking will not track engagement on a contact level.

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2. Tracking individual contact: By selecting the 'Manual' option in the dropdown menu, you can input one person's email address to create or add to a Vidcaster contact profile and monitor their engagement with the video through a video viewing heat map or interactivity engagement. Image and video hosting by TinyPic

3. Track Set of Contacts: By selecting your marketing automation or email solution listed, your embed will automatically identify and track their video engagement in Vidcaster by adding to or creating a new contact profile. Additional events such as page visits to other video playback pages and play events may be tracked within your marketing automation solution.

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5) Refresh Embed once you have set the desired settings. You will notice that your embed code will update based on those settings. 

2) Place the Embed in Your Email