Title, Summary, & Tags

Video metadata is a term to describe all the information you provide about your video such as title and summary. There are other components that can be considered metadata, but for this support article, we are going to focus on title, summary, tags, and long description. 

Please note, your video title, summary, tags, and long description may display differently across your site gallery depending on your selected theme. 

Video Title

This is the descriptor of your video and first place to make an impact to engage a viewer. How you structure the title will depend on your use case and where you are placing the video. 

Title Tips:

  • - Keep the video title short and around 50-60 characters are recommended as each search engine has it's own rules. Look at how it will appear within your theme, on thumbnails, and on video embeds to ensure it's clearly read.
  • - Include a indication of a recommended order if necessary. Do you need to include "Chapter One" or "Lesson One"? 
  • - Don't include your company name in the title unless you are placing the video embed in a location you don't own (i.e. isn't your own website) 
  • - Clearly communicate what the video is about

Video Summary

The video summary provides additional context beyond the title to tell what the video is about and what the viewer should get from watching it, such as learning about a product. 

Summary Tips:

  • - The Summary field is limited to 500 characters. This is based on where information will display across some themes and embeds. If you need more space, check out the Video Long Description details below. 
  • - The Summary field does not accept HTML or CSS. If you want to add a link, check out the Video Long Description details below. 
  • - This is a good spot to list a key presenter or speaker by name, especially if a title caption isn't included in the video. 
  • - Keep it concise and exciting. You want to provide a quick summary to entice a viewer to want to learn more and watch the video. 
  • - Fill it with rich keywords that are in context. This can help your video SEO value, but shouldn't diminish the viewers experience. 

Video Tags

Video tags are keyword descriptors about your content. Tags in the Vidcaster system can be used as a search term for relevant content based and produce the that same search results page for that particular tag when clicking on a tag within a video playback page. 

Tag Tips:

  • - Keep tags relevant to search terms that pertain to that video topic.
  • - Use the same tag and structure across your site for consistant results. 
  • - Don't include your company or other key common details as tags that you would want to tag every video. Think of tags as a filtering mechanism. 

Video Long Description

The video long description is a continuation of your video summary details and provides a seamless flow if you need additional room or . This field does not have a character limit and accepts HTML. 

Long Description Tips:

  • - Keep links relevant to the video. 
  • - Depending on your video gating option, you may or may not want to include a copy of the in-video links (done by the Annotation Editor) in the summary information. 
  • - Don't add in text just for SEO value, keep text information it relevant to your viewers. You may want consider a transcript of the spoken audio instead. 

To edit the above fields:

1) Go the the Edit Video page for the video metadata you wish to modify. 

2) Make desired changes and click Save.

**If your video is published, the changes will reflect on the video playback page and embeds across the web immediately.