Video Privacy Settings

Each video in your Vidcaster account has its own privacy settings. You can control these settings individually on the Edit Video page or in bulk on the Manage Videos page. On the Edit Video page you will find a dropdown under the video preview with your privacy options. Select a privacy setting and click Save. You can choose from Public, Private, and Private Share.

Video Privacy Options


Public videos will appear in your video resource site and anyone who has the video link or embed can play the video. If your video resource site is set to Private on the site level, Public means that Users granted access to the video resource site can see the videos on the site, and if they have the video link or embed, once they are logged in. Site level privacy is controlled under the Settings tab in General.


Private videos will not appear in your video resource site and can only be viewed by an Admin. If you share a Private video link with someone who is not an Admin in your account, they will see a 404 page. If your video resource site is set to Private on the site level, Private videos will not be visible to your site Users, only Admins.


Private Share is a feature that allows you to share a private video with non-Admin users. When you select Private Share, you will see a box with a video link and a box with an embed appear. The video link and embed both have a key in them. Anyone who has the link or embed with the key can play the video without having to log in.

Private Share

Private Share is great for sharing a video that needs approval before it is published. Private Share also allows you to display a video elsewhere while not being in your video resource site. For example, if you are running a campaign with a video that you don't want in your video resource site, but you would like to use it on your campaign landing page, you can set it to Private Share. Grab the embed code with the key and embed the video on your campaign page.

The Private Share video link and embed code share the same key. You can click the reload arrows next to the link to reset the key. This will remove access from anyone who has the previous key. Please note that resetting the key will change the key for both the link and the embed. Each video can only have one private key at a time, so resetting the key resets access for everyone. If you change a Private Share video to Public, all Private Share links will continue to work, so you don't have to worry about updating links and embed codes if you decide you want to add your video to your video resource site.

On Private Site accounts, Private Share will still require a User to log in. The benefit of Private Share in the Private Site scenario is that you can share a video with Users that is not in your video resource site.


On the Manage Videos page you can manage your video privacy settings in bulk on up to 50 videos at a time. To help you find the right videos, you can use the top filter bar. The first filter separates your videos by Public and Private. In this filter, Private and Private Share are grouped together. You have two additional filters, Categories and a video title search.

Private Videos

Select the videos you want to change by clicking the check boxes on the left of each video. Or "Select all" on the page at the top of the table. Then select the action you want from the Action dropdown. Publish will set your video to Public. Unpublish will set your video to Private. Setting a video to Private Share needs to be done on the individual level on the Edit Video page.