What is a transcript?

A video transcript is a text version of the audio spoken in your video. When you add a transcript to your video file with Vidcaster, a transcript widget will follow along with a video to visually display the spoken words and audio. 

Create and Pay for a Transcript 

You can transcribe your video content directly through your Vidcaster platform with our partners at 3PlayMedia. 

1) Prior to processing a transcript, have your site connected to credit card billing. Contact if you have questions on that setup. 

2) In your dashboard, in the Manage Videos page, find the video you wish to transcribe. Click the Transcribe button for that video. 

3) In the notification popup, you can review the total cost to transcribe your video. The cost is $3/minute and the total time is always rounded up for a video file. Press Okay that you agree to the charges. You card will be charged for each transcript at time of processing. 

4) Your transcript button will turn yellow to indicate that your transcript is processing. This typically takes up to 72 business hours.

5) The transcript button turns green once the transcript is processed. The transcript will then automatically appear under the video in the transcript tab. The display of the transcript will vary based on your site theme. 

**Please Note**If your transcript button turns red, there was an error with processing. Please contact with the title of the video for assistance. 

Upload Your Own Transcript

If you have a transcript file already for your videos, you can upload it directly into Vidcaster. 

1) In the Edit Video page, click on the Transcript button to open up the Transcript Editor 

2) In the Editor, click File, Import. Select the file you are looking to upload. 

3) Click File, Save to Vidcaster. Then close the Editor.