Upload Videos

It's easy to upload and host your videos with Vidcaster. Watch the short video below! 

Upload Instructions

1. Once logged into your dashboard, click “Add a New Video”

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2. Click the “Upload File” Option

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3. Select your video(s), each up to 5GB in size with up to 10 at one time to upload

When you open up the file uploader, you have two options to select files from your computer. You can click the "Choose File" to open up a finder window or drag your files into the uploader.  If you use the drag file option, select and drag up to 10 files at one time for easy bulk upload. 

Not sure what files to upload? Check out our lists of accepted upload formats and encoding / transcode formats

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4. Upload the files!

Your file upload will begin automatically and the uploader window will display a blue upload status bar for each video processing. If you cancel the bulk upload, even if some videos have reached 100% of upload status, all videos will be cancelled from being uploaded. 

Once processing is complete, you will be taken to either the Edit Video page for a single video upload or the Manage Videos Page if a bulk upload is completed.

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