How you display your videos in a Vidcaster helps engage your viewers to drive measurable results.

Vidcaster Theme Options

Option One: Out of the Box

  • - Select from 8 Vidcaster themes 

  • - Tailored to specific use cases 

  • - Gets you up and running quickly (in as little as 5 minutes)

  • - Access to HTML & Custom CSS files for customization by your team or hire Vidcaster design services 

Option Two: Custom Design

  • - Work with Vidcaster design services to build a completely custom site 

  • - Tailored to your specific needs and branding 

  • - Builds typically at least 4-8 weeks 

Things to consider when selecting or building your theme:

  • - What is your video victory?
  • - Is there a theme recommended for your usecase?
  • - Do you want viewers to browse content or have a recommended flow?
  • - Is there a theme that best matches your current branding? (don’t forget to check out the basics & branding packs available)
  • - How quickly do you need to get up and running?
  • - Do you have time to customize or will adding a logo suffice?

Need some help selecting your theme, learn about where to access customer examples and more information about themes at