Viewer Experience - Selecting a Language

When you have localization enabled in your account, your viewers have two options for accessing content in a foreign language. 

1) Automatic Language Selection Based on Browser Cookie 

When your viewer is using a browser cookied to a set language, Vidcaster will automatically present them with that pre-defined language content. At any time, they can use the language dropdown option to change their language preference. 

2) Language Dropdown Menu Selector 

Work with the Vidcaster Design Team to implement a language dropdown selector in the header of your Vidcaster site. Viewers can select their prefered language from that menu. 

What if I don't have a video associated with a newly selected language?

If you do not have a video associated with the new language selected from the dropdown menu, the user will be presented with a localized notification message that content is not available for that selected language.