White Label Email Notifications

Vidcaster sends emails on your behalf to your Contacts when specific actions are taken. On the Email Settings page, you can configure branding options for the email. These are the actions that will trigger an email from Vidcaster:


  • Account Confirmation - Contact creates an account and receives an emails acknowledging account creation.
  • Purchase Receipt - Contact purchases a subscription and receives an email with details of the purchase. Recurring subscriptions do not send recurring receipts.


  • User Invite - Contact receives an email inviting them to activate their account and access the video site.
  • User Registers - Contact receives an email upon registration with an activation link to confirm their email is real.


  • Video Summary - Contact emails themselves or a friend a summary of the video through the in-video Share button.

Update your email branding option on the Email tab under Settings.

Email Settings

Your options include:

White Label Options

  • Display Name - The "From" name that will show in the inbox of the recipient.
    Display Name
  • Short Name - An all lowercase name that will be included in the "From" email address.
  • Reply Email Address - A fully white labeled reply email address. If Contacts hit reply to the email, they will see this address and any response will go to this address.
    Short Name and Reply Address
  • HTML Email Logo - Upload a company logo to appear in your emails. This logo should be no larger than 140x40 pixels and in JPEG or PNG format.

Collect details on Video Summary emails sent in the "Share Button Emails" section. Click the "Download share button emails" link to receive a CSV showing the Recipient, Sender, Video, and Date.