VidCaster/YouTube View Count Synchronization

One of the exciting features of Vidcaster is the ability to aggregate your viewership data from various platforms, including views that take place on your Vidcaster site as well as on your YouTube channel.

If you have a Vidcaster Silver or Gold account, it is not possible for views taking place on your Vidcaster site to be reflected in your viewership data on However, if you have linked your YouTube account to your Vidcaster site by selecting Settings --> Add-Ons --> YouTube from the Vidcaster backend, views taking place on should be reflected in your Vidcaster viewership data for any videos which were first published to your Vidcaster site and subsequently distributed to YouTube or for clips imported to your Vidcaster site from YouTube.

If you are on the Vidcaster Free plan, your site uses the YouTube player. Accordingly, viewership data should be passed from your Vidcaster site to your YouTube account based on YouTube's standard rules governing embedded videos with autoplay on. Some posts on the Internet report that YouTube videos with autoplay enabled do not report play data reliably to YouTube, while others have reported no problems.

Additional information here:

Please note: we are working an option that will allow Vidcaster Free users to specify if you want your YouTube videos to autoplay or not.