Share to YouTube

Vidcaster now uses version 2.0 of YouTube's API. This integration upgrade makes our interactions with YouTube light weight and lays the ground work for exciting new YouTube features to come!

Vidcaster's YouTube Integration

All Vidcaster sites come with a YouTube integration that allows you to push your videos to YouTube from within your Vidcaster admin. When you push a video to YouTube via our Share option, the new YouTube video is automatically populated with the title, description, and tags you have already written on Vidcaster. The exciting part, once you send a video to YouTube, we can start tracking YouTube views for that video from within Vidcaster. In your dashboard you can compare how many views you received from your Vidcaster site against YouTube. Using YouTube's API v2.0, you can now filter your YouTube views by your Vidcaster categories and custom date ranges.

YouTube Analytics Chart

How to view your YouTube views

If you have not linked your Vidcaster account with your YouTube account, you can do so under the Settings tab, under Add-ons. After you activate our YouTube Add-on, start pushing videos to YouTube using the Share button next to each video on the Videos tab. Once you share a video to YouTube, we can start showing you the views. If you have already connected your account with YouTube, you will need to re-authorize your account. The new YouTube API v2.0 does not allow us to use your previous activation. Re-enter your credentials in less than 30 seconds and you are good to go!